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Woman To Woman

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16 Apr 2024



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14 Apr 2024

About the Course

Empowering Personal and Relational Growth

The "Woman to Woman" program is designed to help women understand and overcome the influences of their past, particularly from their family backgrounds. It aims to equip participants with strategies and skills for making positive changes in all areas of their relationships, including family, business, and church. The program focuses on freeing women from the past and directing them towards a future-oriented approach in their relationships.

Session Overview:

  1. The Arena of Healing:

    • Covering the Four Interrelated Areas of Recovery, introducing necessary attitudes for growth, and presenting the Arena of Healing.

  2. Functional and Dysfunctional Family Dynamics:

    • Outlining the impact of family dynamics on behaviour and attitudes, and understanding how dysfunction arises in families.

  3. Coping Strategies of the Child and Adult:

    • Identifying coping behaviours from dysfunctional families, understanding their impact on current relationships, and learning healthier communication methods.

  4. Denial and Anger:

    • Explaining denial and its manifestations, understanding anger in relation to grief, managing conflict, and addressing domestic violence issues.

  5. Rebuilding after Grief and Loss:

    • Recognising grieving as part of healing, understanding unresolved grief, supporting others in grief, and embracing life amidst challenges.

  6. The Influence of Shame:

    • Differentiating between shame and guilt, understanding how shame affects relationships, and finding healing from shame.

  7. Overcoming Co-dependency:

    • Exploring spiritual roots and effects of co-dependency, understanding healthy relationships and boundaries, and healing from co-dependency.

  8. Sexuality and Intimacy:

    • Addressing personal attitudes towards sexuality, cultural influences, debunking misbeliefs, and developing a healthy view of sexuality.

  9. Forgiveness - Letting Go:

    • Emphasising forgiveness as crucial in healing, understanding its impact on relationships, and learning from Christ’s model of forgiveness.

  10. Stepping into the Future:

    • Embracing God’s grace for transformation, valuing perseverance, anchoring life in Christ, pursuing dreams, and enriching others' lives.

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