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"If you are willing to embark on a journey as a restoring community, doors will open into your local community that will not open any other way."

Dr Allan Meyer

Small Groups

The Origin and Purpose of Lifekeys

Lifekeys is committed to helping churches become effective restoring communities through comprehensive training, theological foundations, and a focus on healing and discipleship.
Lifekeys: A Journey of Restoration and Discipleship

Dr. Allan Meyer and Helen Meyer founded Lifekeys from their 26-year leadership at Careforce Church in Mt. Evelyn, Australia. It's a transformative program combining Small Group Leader & Facilitator Training with structured courses. These courses, originally developed to meet the local church's need for restoration and discipleship, quickly gained traction, effectively engaging the wider community.

Impact and Expansion

The program's success led to its adoption by numerous churches across denominations in Australia, New Zealand, and globally. It addresses the deep wounds people carry into their Christian walk, emphasising the church's role as a healing and restoring community. Boldly stating, "taste and see that the Lord is good," it shows the profound impact of truth and grace in healing and strengthening lives for service.

Our Mission and Vision

Lifekeys aims to equip churches in their mission of restoring communities. Sharing insights gained over the years helps churches become places where God's restorative nature is revealed. The program focuses on understanding life issues, reviving faith, and empowering changes towards wholeness and freedom.

Bridging Community and Faith

Lifekeys has become a bridge to the community, helping many without prior faith connections to find a saving relationship with Christ. It underscores the untapped evangelistic potential of meeting people at their point of need.

Equipping Leaders

The training program prepares leaders for effective small-group facilitation across various contexts, including pastoral care, discipleship, and bible study groups. It's suitable for all kinds of group leaders, enhancing their leadership capacity.

Theological Foundations: Restoration as Christ's Central Ministry

Lifekeys is rooted in the belief that Jesus Christ's ministry, as outlined in Isaiah 61, centres on restoration. This includes bringing good news, healing emotional wounds, and liberating the captives, ultimately showcasing God's glory through human restoration.

Essential Elements for Restoration

  1. The Presence and Power of the Spirit: Central to restoration, involving conversion, inner healing, and empowerment by the Spirit.

  2. The Cognitive Impact of the Word of God: Emphasising the importance of truth in transformation and the role of teaching in the discipleship process.

  3. An Emotionally Safe and Nurturing Environment: Balancing truth with grace, creating a space for emotional healing.

  4. Clear Behavioural Direction: Offering practical guidance for applying biblical truth daily.

Equipping the Body of Christ

The program stresses the importance of equipping church members for restorative ministry, emphasising the role of ordinary people in healing and restoration.


Well-equipped church members can lead to a healthier church community, effective pastoral care, and real evangelism through restorative ministry.

We Are Surrounded by Need

Recognising the widespread pain in communities, Lifekeys encourages churches to become restoring communities, offering hope and healing.

Two Pathways to Restoration

The program acknowledges both sudden, transformative encounters with God and gradual, process-based discipleship as valid paths to restoration.

The Environment of Restoration

Effective restoration requires a combination of truth-telling, a nurturing environment, and practical application, all in the context of small group dynamics. The program highlights specific biblical teachings, particularly from 1 Thessalonians 5, to foster a healthy church environment conducive to restoration.

Support Group


We always appreciate the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Lifekeys even more impactful than it already is. Be a part of our supportive community by donating whatever you can. There is no amount too big or small, every bit matters.

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