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What is a Lifekeys Partner Church?

Many organisations use Lifekeys programs as a means of helping people in their community and their organisations. Partner organisations of Lifekeys are also willing to assist other organisations who are interested in implementing Lifekeys. Lifekeys Program Role: Lifekeys programs are pivotal in helping individuals confront life's challenges. They offer both healing and growth opportunities, enabling people to lead the fullest lives possible. Adherence to Policy: Partners fully embrace and adhere to the Lifekeys Policy, Procedures, and Protocols and have signed the Lifekeys License agreement to uphold the standards of running Lifekeys programs. Commitment to Potential: Partners are committed to using Lifekeys as an integral part of our strategy to help individuals maximise their potential and thrive in life. Regular Program Schedule: Partners will run Lifekeys programs throughout the year, ensuring ongoing support and development opportunities for participants. Inclusivity in Participation: Lifekeys programs welcome individuals from outside the organisation to join and benefit from these transformative experiences. Use of Latest Materials: Partners utilise the latest versions of Lifekeys programs to provide the most current and effective guidance and support. Program Visibility: Search Partners should actively publish and update information about Lifekeys programs on their website, ensuring transparency and accessibility for those interested in joining.


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