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Helen Meyer
Allan Meyer

Helen Meyer

A Life of Passion and Healing

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Helen Meyer's early years were marked by the loss of her mother, family separation, and her father's struggle with chemical dependency. Despite being raised in a non-religious family, Helen's encounter with Jesus at age four highlights His deep care for individuals.

Meeting her future husband, Allan, in senior high school, the couple married soon after. Helen's career began as a primary teacher, progressing to a high school teacher and curriculum coordinator. Their home became a hub for students on Friday evenings, leading many to discover faith in Jesus. This period was also enriched by the arrival of their four children.

In 1983, Helen and Allan were appointed Senior Pastors of Careforce Church Mt Evelyn. Helen later embraced the role of Small Group Pastor, focusing on leader development. Her pivotal experience in the USA in 1989 demonstrated the effectiveness of small groups in nurturing health and wholeness, contributing to the birth of Careforce Lifekeys.

As Director & Co-Founder of Lifekeys, Helen has played a key role in expanding the program to over 2300 churches in more than twenty countries. Her academic pursuits include a Graduate Diploma in Human Relations, Masters in Education, Masters in Counselling, and a Masters in Sexual Health completed in 2017.

After 26 years leading Careforce Church, Helen transitioned in 2009 to focus on Lifekeys globally, sharing her expertise in healing, wholeness, and living a life intended by God.

Allan Meyer

From Teacher to Global Ministry Leader

Allan Meyer's journey began in the Lutheran Church in Melbourne. At 19, while studying Economics and Politics at Monash University, he experienced a dramatic divine call to ministry. Initially reluctant, he pursued a teaching career, starting at Lilydale High School in 1970. Here, Allan embraced his faith openly, leading to a revival among students, many of whom entered full-time ministry.

After seven years of teaching and a year at Bible College, Allan became the first Youth Pastor at Life Ministry Centre. In 1983, he accepted the pastoral role at Mount Evelyn Christian Fellowship, later renamed Careforce Church Mt Evelyn. Under his leadership, the church grew to house around 2500 members.

In 1992, alongside Helen, Allan established Careforce Lifekeys, impacting over 2300 churches in more than twenty countries. Completing his doctorate at Denver Seminary in 2005, he developed the "Valiant Man" program, focusing on the moral and spiritual integrity of men.

In 2009, Allan shifted his focus to advocating Lifekeys globally, drawing from his extensive experience and authorship, including his book, "From Good Man to Valiant Man."

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