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Valiant Man

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About the Course

Cultivating Healthy Male Sexuality and Integrity

The "Valiant Man" program is a comprehensive course designed to address and fortify men's moral and spiritual integrity, particularly focusing on developing and maintaining a healthy sexuality. It's an initiative for male sexual discipleship, providing study and devotional guides to support men in this journey. The program emphasises the importance of personal growth, moral inventory, and understanding the complex nature of male sexuality within the context of God's design.

Session Overview:

  1. A Vision for Manhood:

    • Establishing a vision for valiant manhood and conducting a thorough moral inventory of the current state.

  2. The Arena of Healing:

    • Introducing necessary attitudes for growth and change and presenting the Arena of Healing as a tool for understanding the healing process.

  3. The Sexual Man:

    • Providing insights into the construction of male sexuality, helping men normalise their experiences, and managing sexuality successfully.

  4. The Origin, Power, and Purpose of Sex:

    • Offering a theology of sex that transcends biology and psychology, aligning with God’s character and purposes.

  5. The Cycle of Addiction:

    • Explaining the cycle of addiction from behavioural and biochemical perspectives and understanding the dynamics of addictive sexual behaviour.

  6. The Understanding Man:

    • Gaining insight into differences between male and female sexuality, and becoming more understanding partners.

  7. Retraining Your Brain:

    • Learning processes for controlling thoughts and establishing healthy mindsets.

  8. Taking a Stand:

    • Preparing for a time of prayer and commitment against destructive sexual behaviours like shame, fantasy, and pornography.

  9. Guarding Your Heart:

    • Teaching principles for maintaining sexual integrity and growing in purity.

  10. Realistic Expectations:

    • Reviewing the course content, preparing for post-course challenges, and strategising for ongoing success.

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