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Understanding Your Valiant Man

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About the Course

Insight for Women on Male Sexuality and Relationships

"Understanding Your Valiant Man" is a program developed for women, serving as a companion to the "Valiant Man" program, which focuses on sexual discipleship for men. This program helps women comprehend the journey men undertake in the "Valiant Man" program, offering insights into male sexuality, struggles, and the dynamics of intimate relationships.

Session Overview:

  1. A Vision for Manhood:

    • Cultivating a vision for valiant manhood and assessing the current moral landscape.

  2. The Arena of Healing:

    • Helping women understand the necessary attitudes for growth and change in men, introducing the Arena of Healing.

  3. The Sexual Man:

    • Understanding physiological differences in sexuality, challenges men face in a sexualised environment, and constructing male sexuality.

  4. The Origin, Power, and Purpose of Sex:

    • Exploring the theology of sex, its relation to God’s character and purposes, and its implications for intimacy.

  5. The Cycle of Addiction:

    • Understanding the cycle of addiction from behavioural and biochemical perspectives, and sex as a bonding experience.

  6. The Understanding Man:

    • Gaining insight into male and female sexual differences to foster understanding in relationships.

  7. Retraining Your Brain:

    • Teaching the processes of renewing the mind, understanding sexual purity, and cultural influences on female sexuality.

  8. Taking a Stand:

    • Addressing the impact of sexually explicit material, supporting men in their journey, and standing against inappropriate sexual behaviours.

  9. Guarding Your Heart:

    • Emphasising the commitment to cherish in relationships, understanding mutual care and love, and receiving healing prayer.

  10. For Women Only:

    • Exploring key issues of female sexuality, understanding physiology, and addressing intimacy in the bedroom.

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