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Search For Intimacy

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About the Course

Understanding and Navigating Sexuality

The "Search for Intimacy" course is a profound exploration of sexuality, addressing the needs of young singles, parents, and 'single again' individuals. It focuses on developing a theology of sex that empowers people to navigate a sex-centric society successfully. The course offers more than just rules about sex; it provides deep insights and strategies for managing sexuality as a blessing, preventing it from becoming a source of pain.

Session Overview:

  1. Welcome to the War Zone:

    • Discussing the significance of decisions related to intimacy, marriage, and the quest for a life partner.

  2. The Origin of Sex:

    • Answering fundamental questions about the origins and existence of sex.

  3. The Power of Sex:

    • Unveiling the power of sex and the importance of understanding its proper expression to avoid hurtful outcomes.

  4. Six Empowering Principles:

    • Dr. Allan Meyer shares six principles for a biblical and self-aware expression of sexuality.

  5. Deadly Dating:

    • Rethinking the concept of virginity and dating, addressing the responsibility of guarding virginity, and exploring the consequences of pairing off.

  6. How Far Can I Go?:

    • Encouraging the maintenance of a spirit of virginity aligned with God's purposes.

  7. Safe Sex:

    • Understanding the principles of marriage and covenant and preparing for a life of intimacy.

  8. How Will I Know?:

    • Identifying key factors to discern God's guidance in forming a marriage relationship.

  9. Healing:

    • Exploring repentance, the healing process, and the next steps after experiencing sexual hurt or confusion.

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