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Parents With Courage

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About the Course

Enhancing Parenting Skills and Self-Understanding

The "Parents with Courage" program is a seven-session initiative designed to bolster parenting skills and self-awareness for families with older primary and high school-aged children. It aims to support and equip parents facing various challenges, including those in intact, blended, and single-parent families. This practical program offers insights and strategies drawn from psychology, sociology, education, and theology. It emphasises a flexible parenting approach to meet the specific needs of each family and child.

Session Overview:

  1. The Dynamics of Family:

    • Motivating parents to understand how their early life experiences impact their parenting. Discusses principles for a healthy family dynamic and factors contributing to dysfunction.

  2. The Family Circle:

    • Using Family Adaptability and Cohesion Questionnaires to assess family of origin dynamics and their influence on intimacy and parenting styles.

  3. Knowing Your Child:

    • Exploring family birth order and its implications for parenting. Discussing characteristics and nurturing strategies for each birth order and the application of love languages in parenting.

  4. Family Communication:

    • Introducing family meetings as a tool for conflict resolution, issue resolution, and goal setting, tailored to children’s ages and conflict levels.

  5. Establishing Boundaries:

    • Providing practical methods for setting boundaries, handling teenage resistance and non-cooperation, and understanding noncompliance reasons.

  6. Sexuality and the Search for Intimacy:

    • Guiding parents in addressing challenges around children’s emerging sexuality and affirming healthy sexual development.

  7. Your Family: Living Room or Court Room?:

    • Understanding the human struggle for love, acceptance, and belonging. Addresses the impact of parenting from brokenness and the tendency to seek acceptance through performance, helping parents to let go of unrealistic expectations.

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