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New Beginnings

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About the Course

Road to Recovery from Chemical Dependency

The "New Beginnings" program is a ten-week journey designed to assist individuals recovering from chemical dependency. Based on the belief that everyone has the power to make choices and change their path, this program asserts that a person's future is not bound by their past behaviours or background. It tackles key themes related to dependencies on both legal and illegal substances, leveraging the group dynamic to foster hope, encouragement, and the potential for healthier relationships.

Session Overview:

  1. The Arena Of Healing:

    • Establishing boundaries in relationships.

  2. The Cycle Of Addiction:

    • Understanding how addictions start and end in the context of relationships.

  3. Family Systems:

    • Exploring the foundations of relationships.

  4. Who Am I?:

    • Identifying emotional, relational, and spiritual needs.

  5. Communication:

    • Learning the importance of communication in healthy relationships.

  6. Shame:

    • Addressing how shame can negatively impact relationships.

  7. The Faces Of Blame:

    • Navigating the path to finding healthy relationships.

  8. Forgiveness:

    • Utilising forgiveness as a key to restoring relationships.

  9. The Stages Of Change:

    • Understanding the process of change through relationships.

  10. Moving On:

    • Achieving balance in life and relationships.


  • Booster Session and 3-Month Review: A session designed to reinforce the program's teachings and review progress.

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