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Mastering Your Money

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About the Course

Getting the Fundamentals Right

"Mastering Your Money" is a crucial program designed to equip individuals with essential financial management skills. This program is pivotal in maintaining stable marriages and homes and in raising secure families. It's equally important for individuals, married or single, teaching them to budget effectively and realistically to achieve goals like home ownership and living generously. Additionally, it serves as a powerful discipleship tool, encouraging engagement with God and growth in trust and obedience. This program provides biblical insights alongside practical applications, proven to significantly integrate participants into the worshipping community.

Program Overview:

A structured program offering sound financial management strategies and principles, "Mastering Your Money" encompasses various aspects of financial control and planning.

Session Overview:

  1. Session 1 | Starting at the Beginning:

    • Understanding the fundamentals of financial control. Dr. Meyer shares his experiences as a Commerce Teacher and Pastor, outlining initial steps towards managing finances.

  2. Session 2 | First Things First:

    • Crafting a well-constructed budget and learning to differentiate between obligations, needs, and wants.

  3. Session 3 | Living Beyond Anxiety:

    • Strategies for aligning financial management with life responsibilities and prioritising "seeking first His Kingdom."

  4. Session 4 | Building a Margin into Your Life:

    • Creating and managing a "seed bag" for dynamic budgeting. Addresses managing finances with both predictable and unpredictable income.

  5. Session 5 | Maximising your Potential at every Life Stage:

    • Recognising and maximising opportunities at different life stages. Includes guidance on managing budgets, reducing expenses, and increasing income.

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