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Man To Man

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16 Apr 2024



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14 Apr 2024

About the Course

Fostering Healthy Relationships and Personal Growth in Men

The "Man to Man" program is a holistic approach aimed at addressing the unique challenges and emotional needs of men. Recognising that many men feel isolated and struggle with the societal expectation of maintaining composure, this program provides a supportive environment to explore relationships, emotional health, and personal behaviours. It delves into the impact of family background, handling emotions, conflict resolution, intimacy, addictive behaviours, and more, offering strategies for a more successful life.

Session Overview:

  1. The Arena of Healing:

    • Introducing necessary attitudes for growth and change and presenting the Arena of Healing as a tool for understanding the healing process.

  2. Functional and Dysfunctional Family Dynamics:

    • Outlining the impact of family dynamics on behaviour and attitudes and addressing how families become dysfunctional.

  3. Co-dependency and Isolationism:

    • Exploring spiritual roots of co-dependency, understanding the impact of isolationism, and providing strategies to overcome these challenges.

  4. Shame and Guilt:

    • Differentiating between shame and guilt, exploring reactions to shaming, and discussing ways to find healing from shame.

  5. Emotions:

    • Defining emotions and their physical impact, addressing depression and repressed emotions, and offering practical suggestions for emotional management.

  6. Anger:

    • Defining anger, dispelling misconceptions, exploring expressions and effects of anger, and providing strategies for managing anger.

  7. Conflict Resolution:

    • Understanding conflict resolution, identifying obstacles and styles of conflict resolution, and offering guidelines for managing conflict.

  8. Sexual Addiction:

    • Discussing the addiction cycle, addressing issues related to sexual addiction and pornography, and providing guidelines for sexual purity.

  9. Intimacy and Sexuality:

    • Discussing the need for intimacy, exploring reasons for avoiding intimacy, and defining healthy sexuality.

  10. Forgiveness and Moving Ahead:

    • Emphasising the importance of forgiveness in healing, addressing the challenges of forgiving, and clarifying misconceptions about forgiveness.

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