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Making Marriage Better

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About the Course

Enhancing and Rebuilding Marital Relationships

The "Making Marriage Better" program is a comprehensive 10-session journey to enrich and revitalise marriages. It's designed to teach couples how to build a fulfilling marriage, keep love vibrant, and effectively manage the boredom, conflict, and stress of marital life. Participants will explore ways to maintain passion, cultivate a loving relationship, and appreciate their partner's uniqueness.

Session Overview:

  1. What If I've Married the Wrong Person?

    • Motivating and encouraging couples for positive change and growth in their marriage.

  2. Keys to a Lasting Relationship

    • Identifying key behaviours for healthy intimacy and exploring eight attitudes essential for relationship growth.

  3. The Origin and Purpose of Marriage

    • Addressing the theology of marriage, the miracle of maleness and femaleness, and challenging stereotypes in relationship dynamics.

  4. Personally Committed

    • Emphasising the importance of mutual knowledge and understanding, exploring barriers to lasting relationships, and discussing the theological aspects of commitment.

  5. Communication

    • Examining differences in male and female communication styles and addressing effective communication strategies.

  6. Investing Time

    • Building on intimacy, understanding individual needs, and emphasising the importance of spending time together.

  7. Family of Origin

    • Exploring the influence of family background on relationships and introducing the concept of "honouring" in marital dynamics.

  8. Conflict Management

    • Identifying and addressing negative patterns in relationships and role-playing to demonstrate healthy conflict resolution.

  9. Sexuality and Intimacy

    • Discussing physiological, psychological, and behavioural aspects of sexuality, addressing gender differences, and offering practical suggestions for enhancing intimacy.

  10. Contentment

    • Tackling misconceptions about happiness in marriage, emphasising the importance of forgiveness, and defining what forgiveness entails in a marital context.

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