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Healthy Lifestyle

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About the Course

Empowering Women for Physical and Spiritual Wellness

The Healthy Lifestyle program is a comprehensive ten-session journey designed for women of all ages seeking to enhance their physical and spiritual well-being. This unique program combines practical teachings with a physical activity component, aiming to inspire, educate, and motivate women towards a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. Crafted by health professionals and reviewed by field experts, the program also includes teachings on nutrition, strength training, emotional eating, and essential women's health issues.

Program Leadership

  • Program Coordinator: Should possess a tertiary or higher education qualification in a health-related discipline from a mainstream institution.

  • Facilitators: In addition to standard Lifekeys training, facilitators must embody the program's principles in their lifestyle, ensuring they are effective role models and do not impose personal health philosophies on participants.

Session Overview

  1. More than a Lifestyle - Embracing Health:

    • Introduces holistic health and the interconnection between mind, body, and spirit. Outlines stages of behavioural change and motivates the health journey.

  2. Getting into Physical Activity:

    • Discusses definitions, types, and benefits of physical activity. Introduces the Borg Scale and motivates participants to meet health-focused activity recommendations.

  3. Nutrition - Fuel for the Body:

    • Covers the benefits of good nutrition, disease prevention, daily dietary requirements, and understanding macro and micro-nutrients. Teaches how to read nutrition labels.

  4. Introduction to Strength Training:

    • Explains types of strength training, benefits for bone health, and teaches safe strength training practices.

  5. Eating for Reasons Other than Hunger:

    • Defines and explores emotional eating, its triggers, and techniques to break the cycle. Provides tools for change.

  6. Weight Management:

    • Explains the physiology of weight gain, debunks weight loss myths, and focuses on setting health goals rather than just weight loss.

  7. Because You're Worth It!:

    • Explores perceptions of beauty and self, the relevance of body image and self-esteem, and practical steps for self-care.

  8. When the Going Gets Tough:

    • Offers insights into maintaining motivation and tools for staying on track with health goals.

  9. Essential Women's Health Issues:

    • Introduces the health wheel for holistic health assessment and discusses mental health, stress, depression, and spiritual well-being.

  10. The Journey Ahead:

  • Reviews progress, acknowledges achievements and provides foundational advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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