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Door Of Hope

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About the Course

Empowering Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Door of Hope is a supportive and uplifting program designed for women who have survived sexual abuse. In a setting of love, acceptance, and confidentiality, this program helps participants develop new strategies for living and facilitates healing from life's challenges. It addresses emotional isolation and various struggles, including empowerment, shame, guilt, sexual healing, healthy sexuality, experiencing love, restoring trust, and building positive relationships.

Session Overview

The Arena of Healing

  • Defining "recovery" in this context, introducing the Four Interrelated Areas of Recovery, and explaining necessary mind and heart attitudes for growth and change. Introduction to the Arena of Healing concept as a visual aid for understanding the healing process.

What is Abuse?

  • Defining sexual abuse, exploring forms of denial, and identifying symptoms affecting adult functioning.

Stages of Abuse

  • Exploring the concept of Family of Origin, the functional/dysfunctional family continuum, stages and contributing factors of abuse, and understanding the feelings of an abused child.


  • Differentiating between guilt and shame, understanding their outcomes, identifying characteristics of adults shamed in childhood, exploring roots and responses to shame, and discussing healing from shame.


  • Discussing the characteristics and workings of contempt, challenging and changing self-contempt issues.

Betrayal and Powerlessness

  • Defining betrayal, examining factors contributing to feelings of betrayal, understanding powerlessness in abuse, and highlighting Jesus' role in bringing liberation.


  • Defining and explaining ambivalence, discussing its impact on life and relationships, and introducing body awareness.

Defence Mechanisms and Survival

  • Discussing self-protective behaviours and defence mechanisms, introducing the Johari Window, and encouraging healthy responses to life situations.

The Way Through

  • Addressing issues of repentance and penance, identifying obstacles in the healing process, and discussing healing steps.

Aspects of Love

  • Defining love and forgiveness as aspects of love, establishing the concept of God's real love, and offering guidance on healing wounded sexuality through the Spirit of Virginity teaching.

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