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Divorce Recovery

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About the Course

Navigating Through Challenges

The Divorce Recovery program is designed to assist individuals grappling with the complexities and emotional turmoil of a fractured relationship. It combines teachings and supportive care to offer insights into the divorce experience, creating a safe space for participants to process their grief and loss. The program also equips participants with the skills and courage needed to rebuild their lives, instilling hope for the future. Drawing from research and best practices in psychology, sociology, education, and theology, this program incorporates real-life experiences and reflections from those who have endured divorce.

Session Overview

Session 1: The Courage to Begin

  • Building confidence in participants, understanding that God comprehends divorce. Introduction of 'The Arena of Healing' concept, fostering attitudes necessary for healing and growth.

Session 2: Journeying Through Divorce

  • Helping participants recognise the stages of divorce and identify their current stage. Discuss emotional responses, conflict management, and embracing personal responsibility for growth.

Session 3: Counting the Cost

  • Addressing grief and loss associated with divorce. Exploration of emotional and physiological impacts, supporting participants in articulating and confronting their pain, and promoting proactive living.

Session 4: Rebuilding Your World

  • Understanding the impact of divorce on self-perception. Discussing the universal need for love, acceptance, and value offers transformative insights.

Session 5: The Challenge of Forgiveness

  • Exploring the critical but challenging aspect of forgiveness. Inspirational stories to motivate participants.

Session 6: What About the Kids?

  • Examining family dynamics post-divorce, prioritising children's security, and providing practical tools and resources for parents.

Session 7: New Relationships

  • Addressing misconceptions about remarriage, assessing readiness for new relationships, understanding the marriage covenant, and other related issues.

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