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Search For Life

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About the Course

Understanding Human Complexity and Finding Healing

The "Search for Life" program deeply explores human nature, addressing the contradictions and complexities within us. It delves into our intrinsic need for acceptance, value, and belonging and identifies the root causes of common struggles. By offering insight into the human dilemma, this program helps participants move away from destructive behaviours and towards healing, utilising the power of truth in a supportive environment. It's also an excellent continuation for those who have completed the Alpha Program.

Session Overview:

  1. Session 1 - Created:

    • Understanding human beings as a unique fusion of flesh and spirit, made in the image of the Creator, and contrasting this with cultural perceptions.

  2. Session 2 - Fallen:

    • Exploring the concept of The Fall in the Bible, its consequences on human brokenness, and coping mechanisms like performance and seeking approval.

  3. Session 3 - Addictions:

    • Addressing the soul's yearning for something missing, exploring the cycle of addiction, and the wisdom of Jesus in addressing addictive needs.

  4. Session 4 - The Approval Trap:

    • Examining the power of personal truths, the dynamics of approval addiction, and the biblical solution through reconciliation in Christ.

  5. Session 5 – The Performance Trap:

    • Identifying and addressing the behaviour of striving to measure up and discussing the grace offered by Christ as the antidote.

  6. Session 6 - Guilt and Shame:

    • Differentiating between guilt and shame, unveiling related personal truths, and presenting God's solution through the miracle of regeneration.

  7. Session 7 - Blame and Punishment:

    • Understanding our moral nature, the fear of punishment, and God's answer through the concept of propitiation in Christ.

  8. Session 8 - Empowered for Healing:

    • Outlining the pathway to transformation through the renewal of the mind, including personal spiritual warfare and emotional healing in Christ.

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