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Kids With Courage

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About the Course

Empowering Primary-Aged Children

"Kids with Courage" is a comprehensive seven-session program designed to bolster primary-aged children (7-12 years) facing challenges in school, at home, or with peers. The program serves as both a preventive and interventional tool, focusing on building children's strengths and fostering emotional resilience. Developed by child educators, psychologists, and welfare workers, it integrates drama, puppetry, hands-on activities, and small group work.

Leadership Requirements:

  • Program Coordinator: Must have professional qualifications in child-related disciplines.

  • Facilitators: Should possess relevant qualifications or proven experience in working with children. All involved must have passed a police check.

The program features a lion mascot, symbolising problem-solving skills in a friendly, approachable setting. It offers a safe space for children to explore emotions, set goals, engage with peers, and discover constructive ways to initiate change.

Session Overview:

  1. Feelings:

    • Helping children identify and express their feelings.

  2. Boundaries:

    • Teaching protective behaviours and strategies to resist peer pressure.

  3. Social Skills:

    • Raising awareness of personal behaviour, introducing problem-solving skills, and practising effective communication.

  4. Grief and Loss:

    • Providing a space for children to express grief and loss and develop coping strategies.

  5. Anger:

    • Recognising anger as a natural emotion and identifying appropriate ways to express it.

  6. Fear and Worry:

    • Understanding that fear and worry are normal and learning strategies to minimise anxious feelings and behaviours.

  7. Self-Esteem:

    • Promoting healthy self-esteem and conveying the message that every child has intrinsic value.

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